The UK is a home for almost 450,000 of international students, who come every year looking for a world-class education, aiming to build an outstanding career path, and creating memories that will last forever. This is all great, and it’s true that the UK students have one of the highest satisfaction levels in the world, yet they don’t have the same levels when it comes to the application stage.

We have interviewed Afraz Hussain who is an international student originally from Dubai to learn more about his enquirer experience prior to his enrollment at the University of Nottingham.


Question: Why did you decide to choose the UK as your studying abroad destination?

Afraz: The UK offers world-class education; the qualifications awarded are widely recognised due to the high standards they set when it comes to achieving your degree. On the other side, language was an important factor which you acquire not only throughout the studies but also by the continuous interaction with different kinds of people from across the world, adding an interesting learning experience that changed my perception towards a lot of things forever.


Question: What were the challenges you have faced when you applied to study in the UK?

Afraz: The major challenges that I faced when I was applying are the shortlisting of the universities that I wanted to apply to, I was constantly doing research on the rankings, important facts and figures to come up with an informed decision. I also visited one of the UK universities fair to get access to country-specific information. At the fair, I met a large number of universities which provided loads of brochures about the different programmes yet they failed to provide the information needed because it was too much information to process especially when you are holding 50 of them to view. The second challenge was the application process, as I wanted to understand more about specific universities application processes such as the entry requirements since all the information that I found online were UK specific, for example as a student coming from Dubai 2:1 didn’t make any sense to me because the difference in the grading system. Which forced me to trouble the universities with non-stop calls and emails which wasn’t that great of a help, as the ratio of response was 3:1 with a 3-5 working days response time that made me highly frustrated because everything was taking forever to be understood. I also wanted to apply to a scholarship, but I couldn’t know which scholarships I was eligible for, there was no clear timeline or requirements as I felt that all the information was very generic which resulted in applying for a student loan. The last challenge that I think is crucial for every student is the tracking of the application, as the entire process wasn’t clear which made me think that I would make it at some point because I was short in time. When I finally received the offer I was highly confused about what is conditional and what is unconditional, how to apply for CAS and the reason behind that is that I was receiving random emails reminding me to apply when I am an offer holder so lack of personalisation was an absolute headache. Lastly at the fair and through several marketing campaigns we have been informed that we have an advisor in Dubai that will be contacting us to meet with us to solve any pending queries and that never happened and I didn’t get notified about the events around me that would have made my life way easier, but at the end day I made it!


Question: How do you think universities could do better?

Afraz: To be honest the only reason I shortlisted Nottingham because they were one in a few that responded to my enquiry, which motivated to apply so I think universities have to be quick to respond it does affect your decision big time. In my opinion, the availability of a platform that facilitates direct contact with prospective students would be great, where they understand country-specific entry requirements and events would a large weight added value in the decision making process. A mobile app is the best solution where we can be prompted with news and updates on our application and the next steps that we should take.


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