Our App Manager simplifies the process of creating opportunities for recruitment advisors to engage with prospective students


Through this function, you can view user profiles, manage peer interactions and configure page content to present your university in the best way.
Measure user engagement levels and keep track of user activity through Proodle’s straightforward dashboard. Functions include:
  Pages Content Manager:

App administrators can create, edit and publish both sophisticated and straightforward assets from a single SAAS environment.

  Real-time Publisher: 

Publish, personlise, filter and schedule critical content in real-time.

  User Enrolment Funnel Administration:

The App Manager makes it easy to manage all the app users and then target specific aspects of the app to groups or individual users.

  App Manager Access Rights and Roles:

The App Manager offers a secure and flexible configuration of app administrator roles and rights, giving institutions the ability to involve management teams in a student recruitment process.



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