10 Reasons to Study in the UK

With 18,000 universities worldwide, determining the location of your study if you are interested in being abroad can be a bit of a hassle especially with a wide range of countries that offer a great quality of education. Yet, you might want to consider the lifestyle in addition to your field of your study, and if you are still confused the UK will create one of the best experience that you could ever get ever on different levels and here is why.

1. Your CV will always stand out

The main reason behind our decision to study abroad, is to create a strong education abroad that will lead us to a good career path. The UK universities represents a large portion of the top 200 universities in the world, and great career prospects. Being a UK graduate will be an asset on your CV and will narrow down the number of applicants who are competing for the same job and didn’t get the same great education that you have got.

2. A rich learning experience

Learning does not only constitute university education, the UK is one the most diverse countries in the world as it attracts a large number of international students from different continents allowing you to expand your knowledge as traveling around the world exposes you to different landscapes to discover. Studying in the UK will introduce you to different backgrounds and perspectives that eventually expand your horizon and push your limits to think of the unknown.

3. A beautiful landscape to discover

The UK landscape is known for its breathtaking beauty, with its majestic history and exotic nature you won’t be having a weekend of boredom for a very compelling price.

4. The Cheapest among the 3 top studying destination

When compared to the US and Australia, the UK has the lowest tuition fees among all which will ease the process of getting a loan if you are going for one. On the other side the UK and when it comes the proof of eligibility for Visa, the UK has the lowest cap.

5. Master the world’s top language

Due to the exponential growth of international operations of companies, most courses are taught in English nowadays, yet being in a country where English is their native language will allow to perfect your English skills in all aspects, since you can practice with anyone anytime and anywhere.

6. Free Healthcare

Get free access to healthcare throughout your studies by the NHS, which are based on your campus at most universities.

7. Make a living while you are studying

As a student you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week, giving you enough time to study, enjoy your time and make some extra cash.

8. Get the same top degree in less time

Studying in the UK will allow you to finish your undergraduate in 3 years and your masters in 1 year only! With the same level quality of education that’s a great spec to consider.

9. A two-hour away trip to Paris!

The UK is a great getaway to the rest of Europe, with convenient and cheap travel routes you can get anyway in Europe on the day.

10. UK universities have created the greatest inventions across the History

The first test tube baby, hip replacements, fibre optics, and many more great discoveries are inventions came out of UK universities, and you might be next!

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