Proodle’s mobile app enables you to take your connections with prospective students to unprecedented levels. Features include:

  Profile Builder:  Utilising specific targeting criteria, such as course choice, academic scores and work experience, students can showcase their assets to you in a centralised format.

   Course and Eligibility Check: Students can check if they are eligible to apply to courses based on their qualifications and make an informed decision.

   Chatbot and Forum: The chatbot answers enquiries via live messaging and acts as a navigator to all other feature messaging, whilst the forum provides a space for students to interact with existing members at your institution.

   Send Push Notifications: Send push notifications to all users, members of specific profiles, or individuals so you are in constant contact with your prospects.

    Virtual Reality Navigation: Centralises information about campus, accommodation and events on one device to enable a realistic experience for remote students.

   Our App platform offers a host of user features that are designed to enhance the user experience in the most personalised way.

   With a few simple clicks, prospects can personalise their profiles, update qualifications and access university information in a short-cut way.

   Our specialised app provides a unique checklist to plan users’ next steps, and you can begin to directly engage with your prospects with our effective communication tools, whenever and wherever.

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