An Overview of Our Product

The Mobile App Platform

Our App platform offers a host of user features that are designed to enhance the user experience in the most personalised way. With a few simple clicks, prospects can personalise their profiles, update qualifications and access university information in a short-cut way.
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The App Manager Platform

Our App Manager simplifies the process of creating opportunities for recruitment advisors to engage with prospective students. Through this function, you can view user profiles, manage peer interactions and configure page content to present your university in the best way.
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Our Core Services

Our five powerful modules encapsulate the whole student enrolment experience 

in a way that no other mobile application does.


Build dynamic content delivering personalised information and interactions at each stage of a student’s enrollment decision journey.


Keep yourself on track to reach your goals, identify key attributes and churns, and determine how likely each student is to make it through the funnel.


Pre-assess leads before they apply, segment these leads using the latest tools and metrics in the industry, and manage your marketing strategy on the go.


Host country-specific events, webinars and fairs, manage RSVPs and send push notifications straight to their mobile devices.


Never miss an opportunity to provide them with the information they need when the interest is at peak.
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How to Virtually Build a Sense of Community Spirit for Students

The traditional teaching model has changed indefinitely, and there is no guarantee of when students and teachers can resume the full classroom teaching model again. With social distancing measures put in place in response to the dangers of the Coronavirus pandemic, most teaching has...

Why Universities Will Fail to Recruit International Students

It comes to no surprise that Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on a great number of industries, with Higher Education being one of the largest sectors to be hit financially. A poll conducted by UCU in May found that 1 in 5 students were considering deferring their entry until the...

The Importance of Diversification in Universities in the UK

The global coronavirus crisis has spotlighted just how dependent UK Higher Education Institutions are on international students. Aside from the financial risks posed by the lower influx of international students in the following year, which the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)...

Game-changing student conversion app to support new world international student recruitment

Universities will struggle to meet international student enrolment quotas Covid-19 has had an enormous effect on the state of international student recruitment as universities face a major threat to the number of applications they receive for the upcoming academic year. It is estimated...

How Ed-tech Can Help Universities Recruit Students Virtually During the Coronavirus Crisis

Over the past few years, technological advancements have forced industries to keep up with the changes in order to survive in a rapidly evolving world and match the demands of their audiences. For higher education marketing and recruitment teams, it has constantly been their priority...

“MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award finalists: Shrenik Parmar”

MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award finalists: Shrenik Parmar With the AMBA & BGA awards fast approaching, we’re featuring profiles of the MBA students and graduates who have been shortlisted for the coveted awards. Today we meet Shrenik Paras Parmar, Founder of Proodle...

International UK University Graduates Receive Extension on Work Visas

Foreign university graduates are now being offered the opportunity to receive a two-year work visa under the proposals put forward by the Home Office. In 2012, Theresa May, the Home Secretary at the time, had decreed that foreign students would return to their home countries within...

“Proodle Launches App For International Student Enrolment”

Proodle launches app for international student enrolment Proodle Solutions has launched an app for university enrolment that it claims will transform the international student enrolment experience for both higher education marketing and recruitment teams. Launched in 2017,...

“App aims to simplify uni applications”

App aims to simplify uni applications Posted on Aug 28, 2019 by Viggo Stacey About Viggo StaceyViggo has previously worked in teaching in Germany and Turkey, until his change of career in 2017. Known as ‘Sitting-Vig’ to his friends, in his free time he is normally...

Who are Generation Z?

As the next academic year comes to a start for sixth form and college students, university student recruitment and marketing teams are gearing up to attract a whole new cohort of students for the next academic year. Unfortunately, there is no simple formula for enticing the new...

University Student Recruitment Teams Compete for A-level Students

A-level results day is one filled with trepidation and uncertainty for most sixth form and college students. They’ve studied hard over the past two years; they’ve spent countless hours researching courses that suit their interests and most have dedicated a lot of time visiting...

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change the Student Recruitment Game

Times are changing. Whereas once it was insisted that the only way to deliver personalised messaging to a target audience was to have a human sit behind a screen and respond to queries themselves, advancements in technology have meant that rote tasks no longer require the constant...