An Overview of Our Product

The Mobile App Platform

Our App platform offers a host of user features that are designed to enhance the user experience in the most personalised way. With a few simple clicks, prospects can personalise their profiles, update qualifications and access university information in a short-cut way.
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The App Manager Platform

Our App Manager simplifies the process of creating opportunities for recruitment advisors to engage with prospective students. Through this function, you can view user profiles, manage peer interactions and configure page content to present your university in the best way.
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Our Core Services

Our five powerful modules encapsulate the whole student enrolment experience 

in a way that no other mobile application does.


Build dynamic content delivering personalised information and interactions at each stage of a student’s enrollment decision journey.


Keep yourself on track to reach your goals, identify key attributes and churns, and determine how likely each student is to make it through the funnel.


Pre-assess leads before they apply, segment these leads using the latest tools and metrics in the industry, and manage your marketing strategy on the go.


Host country-specific events, webinars and fairs, manage RSVPs and send push notifications straight to their mobile devices.


Never miss an opportunity to provide them with the information they need when the interest is at peak.
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10 Reasons to Study in the UK

With 18,000 universities worldwide, determining the location of your study if you are interested in being abroad can be a bit of a hassle especially with a wide range of countries that offer a great quality of education. Yet, you might want to consider the lifestyle in addition to...

Digital Influence Overcoming Conversion and Outreach Problems

Competition in higher education recruitment is at its peak and universities struggle to provide high quality, personalised service for increasingly tech-savvy prospective students in their crucial decision-making journey. Marketing and Recruitment departments continue to generate warm...

Challenges International Students Face During their Enrolment Journey

The UK is a home for almost 450,000 of international students, who come every year looking for a world class education, aiming to build an outstanding career path, and creating memories that will last forever. This is all great, and it’s true that the UK students have one of the...

HEI Challenges in the International Student Market – Part (1)

The world has witnessed an exponential growth in science and technology in the past 20 years, information is getting transferred in real-time, which means with just a click of a button, from virtually anywhere. This growth has accelerated social development and increased the human...

HEI Challenges in the International Student Market – Part (2)

In the first part of this blog, we have seen the effect of post-study work visa for international students regulations on decreasing the motivation for students for selecting the UK as their studying abroad destination, but instead going to Canada or Germany. In part 2 we will...

Benefits of App Personalisation for Higher Education Marketing

In today’s day and age, traditional channels of marketing, such as direct mail and print advertising, are becoming less relevant as consumers move into a digital era where information is readily available with a few clicks on a screen. For millennials, mobiles aren’t just...

How App Analytics Can Help Universities Make Better Business Decisions

There’s no doubt about it that mobile apps have transformed the digital landscape, offering consumers ease of access to all the information they need on their portable devices. However, as we delve further into technological advancements, it’s not enough for universities to...

How Can Universities Communicate More Effectively with Prospective Students?

Styles of communication can make or break a brand. For Higher Education institutions, it is imperative that they understand how to talk to their target market and not make the mistake of sticking to traditional methods that worked for generations before. If there’s any trend...

QS research reveals online sources are the first port of call for prospective students

As we move further into the technological age, universities must adapt to the rising tide of online channels to enhance their connectivity with prospective students. In a new report from QS Enrolment Solutions, their survey – which liaised with over 75,000 prospective students from 191...