"20% of the world’s top 500 universities did not respond to inquiries at all and that 68% of the universities that did reply, did not follow-up"

Our solutions

Proodle App

Provides personalised content for enquirers and applicants on course information, application process, entry requirements, scholarships, timeline, financial advice, visa information and much more based on the program type and country of application.

Proodle Lead Management System (LMS)

Helps Higher Education Institutions managing the pipeline of leads and making the recruitment a more deterministic and predictable process. The marketing campaigns and contact recording features facilitate the communication and promotion.

With Proodle you will:

  • Have real-time information from all the prospects you meet around the globe.
  • Create a stronger connection with prospective students and keep track of their application status.
  • Incentivise enquirers to apply through increased student engagement by the mobile-first approach.
  • Be able to evaluate your marketing activities and get real-time insights.
  • Stand out from the crowd and increase the number of applicants every year.

About us

Proodle Solutions Ltd. is an innovative start-up powered by The Ingenuity Lab and Haydn Green Institute, which is part of Nottingham University Business School.

Proodle Solutions Ltd. helps Higher Education(HE) institutions in a whole new way to identify and manage the intention and application of prospects.

We provide innovative technological solutions which enhance student engagement in the most optimal ways.

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