Proodle allows you to connect, communicate and engage with Generation-Z students

As Unique Individuals

Wherever They Are

Based on Their Enrolment Journey

To Achieve Tangible Outcomes

Always be by your prospects' side through our mobile app
Mobile is the way forwards. We empower recruitment managers to meet their student enrolment goals by streamlining recruitment operations through a university-branded mobile app.
Our tools allow you to deliver personalised information, update content in real-time and interact closely with students who want to hear from the real voice of your institution.
Student Users' Journey with Proodle's Mobile App

Download app


Set up account


Select stage of application


Carry out in-app interactions

Generate Brand Awareness
Enhance your institution’s brand identity and present a true reflection of who you are. Personalise images, colour scheme and content within the app using our straightforward tools.
Revitalise your marketing strategy using insights from our app manager
Simple to understand, Proodle’s App Manager allows you to take marketing personalisation to the next level. We give you the likelihood of each prospective student choosing your institution, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts and focus on nurturing leads further down the recruitment funnel.

Admin Users' Journey with Proodle's App Manager

Access website


View analytics


Manage content


Perform administrative tasks

Establish Strong Connections

With our app-centred approach, stand out as an inspiring institution and build meaningful relationships with high-quality prospective students.

Proodle's Awards

Sainsbury Management Fellows Award

Experian Commercial Potential Prize

Santander Enterprise Award

Enterprise Award

Asia Business Award

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