Maximize your international student enrolment ratios


Capture the highlights of your applicants enrollment experience


Create the best relationship with your prospects through continuous and efficient engagement


Taylor your information to match your enquirers needs


Acquire a high caliber of future leaders and influencers


Be the first to engage when the interest is at its peak


Our Innovation

Highly personalised native applications

Proodle gives every student a personalised access to what they need instantly and gives additional flexibility to customise based on their preferences such as type of study, country, course information and finances. It introduces your institution and programmes in a whole new way to make an everlasting impression.

Single channel deployment

Proodle provides a 100% inclusive solution. Offering a unified approach, it includes a responsive web app that is mobile and desktop ready and can be used as a student portal. All managed from a single Platform you can deploy content to all channels easily and quickly.

Comprehensive data collection

Proodle insight provides advanced analytics that captures both web and mobile-specific usage data, button press metrics and presents a view of user behaviour. Our reporting structure evaluates the effectiveness of your campaigns and activities such as leads generated at every fair, segmentation of leads as per engagement to improve marketing efficiency and make more informed decisions.

Integration with your current systems

The Proodle Integration Middleware allows any on-premise or cloud application to integrate seamlessly with us. With this approach integration is simplified, while ensuring that sensitive data remains securely located within institutional systems.

Highly personalised native applications
Single channel deployment
Comprehensive data collection
Integration with your current systems

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About us

Proodle Solutions is SaaS-based company that builds university branded custom applications to help higher education recruitment specialist to track, engage and directly recruitment international student from the mobile devices they love.

Our team of talented mobile and web professionals makes sure you receive state of the art technology, outstanding performance, and unmatched user experience.

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